Kết hợp giữa khách sạn 5 sao hàng đầu Hạ Long với siêu du thuyền đẳng cấp, Sea Stars mở ra cơ hội khám phá trọn vẹn vẻ đẹp hùng vĩ của miền đất di sản.

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Wedding ceremony on Sea Stars Cruise - The perfect choice for couples

26 January, 2024
by Sea Stars
Weddings and honeymoons on yachts are not just events, they are memorable and romantic experiences where love and celebrations are elevated amidst the magical Halong Bay. Organized on the Sea Stars yacht, weddings and honeymoons become more unique than ever.

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Wedding on the cruise - a new trend

Unique and different

While many couples choose to hold their wedding in traditional restaurants, having a wedding on a yacht offers a completely fresh experience. The vast sea and gentle waves will be the natural backdrop for your special day, creating a romantic and exciting atmosphere.

Control the number of guests Organizing a wedding on the Sea Stars Cruise allows you to tightly control the number of guests. Only invited people with names can board the yacht, which is suitable for weddings you want to keep special and private.


Five-star culinary

The professional and reputable culinary team of Sea Stars Cruise Ha Long is committed to bringing you and your guests a wonderful culinary experience. All dishes are carefully prepared and presented elegantly. With the diversity in the menu and unquestionable quality, your party will be a gastronomic journey.

Creative party space

Besides holding a wedding ceremony on the cruise, you also have unlimited creative opportunities. You can set up a post-ceremony party at the pool area, organize a fun pool party, or even a themed party that reflects your personality. Together with the professional team of Sea Stars Cruise Ha Long, all your ideas and desires will become a reality.


Ideal honeymoon

After a perfect wedding, the Sea Stars Cruise is also an ideal place for a memorable honeymoon. Newlywed couples can enjoy their honeymoon week on a cruise exploring the wonder bay with Sea Stars Cruise. The honeymoon suite is specially decorated, romantic and full of amenities to create beautiful memories on their journey.

Why is Sea Stars Cruise Ha Long the perfect choice?

Sea Stars Cruise Ha Long stands out with its modern accommodation system and luxurious interiors, spacious Deluxe rooms on the first floor to elegant Captain Suites or Presidential on the third and fourth floors. All rooms have a wide sea view, creating a relaxing and romantic space.

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In addition, the cruise also has many 5-star facilities such as an outdoor swimming pool, mini golf course, spa, and fitness center for you to enjoy every moment at sea. The large restaurant with a capacity of up to 100 guests, a top culinary team, and diverse cuisine ensure you will have a great culinary experience.

The spacious, airy sundeck design allows you to enjoy the natural space and perfect nature. This is also the venue for special events such as weddings, themed parties, or afternoon tea parties watching the sunset on the bay, creating memorable moments for couples and their guests.


If you are looking for an opportunity to organize a special and unique wedding and honeymoon, Sea Stars Cruise Ha Long is a perfect choice. Contact Sea Stars Cruise Ha Long now to make your couple's memories truly memorable!

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