"Golden Opportunity" to explore the Heritage Bay with exclusive offers for you on Sea Stars Cruise, ONLY available at the end of 2023. Embark on a luxurious resort journey that includes top-notch cuisine and exciting activities awaiting you.

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About us

About us

Renowned as one of largest super yachts in Ha Long Bay - one of the 7 natural wonders of the world, Sea Stars emerges as a masterpiece amidst  the majestic seascape of the bay. Drawing inspiration from the royal lifestyle, Sea Stars offers an opulent setting with first-class facilities, encompassing 39 expansive rooms each with its own balcony. Every suite is meticulously crafted, offering guests a distinct and immersive experience.
Featured with lavish facilities that evoke the essence of a "floating hotel" amidst the vast ocean, Sea Stars Cruise invites you to join us on a heartwarming journey of elegance and sophistication aboard our latest cruise experience! Immerse yourself in the serene bliss of our enchanting Spa, embrace the captivating allure of our chemical-free technology swimming pool, and lose yourself in moments of sheer joy at our miniature golf courses. Not only that, but the Sea Stars Cruise boasts a mordern elevator system and an premium lighting arrangement that extends across five floor, ensuring a lavish and indulgent experience for every passenger on board.
We are eagerly awaiting the moment we can wrap you in a warm welcome and share these wonderful experiences with you. Your journey of a lifetime starts here, with us. 

Special Offers

Autumn Symphony Promotion
Indulge in a luxurious experience amidst the Ha Long Bay with Sea Stars promotion "Autumn Symphony – Love At the First Sight" , offering a 20% discount on all room type.
Honey Moon
Elegant, enchanting, and designed with finesse, Sea Stars' exclusive Honey Moon package curates idyllic experiences to capture the unforgettable moments that punctuate a couple's love story.
Celebrate your special day or that of your loved ones aboard the Sea Stars, the epitome of luxury cruising in Ha Long Bay, where the serene beauty of Ha Long Bay's seascape and the captivating allure of the sky come together to create the perfect backdrop for your birthday festivities.
MICE Package
With a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the needs for high-end MICE service, the Sea Stars Cruise has established a new standard in organizing special events. Catering to guests in search of the ideal venue for significant events or conferences, the Sea Stars is proud to be the ideal destination in Ha Long Bay.
Dream Escape Promotion
Witness the magic of Ha Long Bay as it embraces the golden hues of fall. Our 'Dream Escape' promotion is a melodic blend of serene landscapes, cool breezes, and curated services, promising a symphonic experience that harmonizes with the season's beauty. Book during the fall and relish special autumn-themed amenities, enriching your voyage amidst the bay's ethereal charm.
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