Kết hợp giữa khách sạn 5 sao hàng đầu Hạ Long với siêu du thuyền đẳng cấp, Sea Stars mở ra cơ hội khám phá trọn vẹn vẻ đẹp hùng vĩ của miền đất di sản.

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Sea Stars Cruise - A 'Floating Hotel' in the Midst of a Marvelous Bay

25 November, 2023
by Sea Stars
Currently, the Sea Stars Cruise in Ha Long Bay is the largest super yacht in the area, boasting a length of 96 square meters. It accommodates up to 118 guests in its 39 cabins. The interior space of this superb is designed by talented architects, reflecting the rich Vietnamese cultural heritage, seamlessly blending tradition with modern comfort.

In Ha Long, the opulent super yacht, Sea Stars, is often described as a "floating hotel" nestled in a breathtaking bay. Its interior, skillfully designed by architects, seamlessly blends a rich Vietnamese cultural influence with contemporary comforts. Let's delve into the allure that makes the Sea Stars Cruise Ha Long a captivating destination for travelers worldwide.

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Sea Stars Cruise Ha Long - A Premier Choice for Travelers

Discover the highest standards of luxury on the Sea Stars Cruise in Ha Long, currently the largest super-cruise in the bay. With an expansive 96 m2, 39 cabins hosting up to 118 guests, and a Presidential suite spanning an impressive 198 m2, this floating haven is a traveler's dream.

As you step aboard, the seamless blend of opulence and elegance unfolds. Designed with the enhancement of a five-star hotel, each decorative element contributes to the grand narrative of this heritage-rich cruise. Join us in exploring the allure that makes the Sea Stars Cruise a must-visit destination, where every moment is a journey into indulgence and cultural splendor.


Notably, the cruise features beautifully appointed bedrooms, each with expansive sea views and furnished with the finest materials, refined in every detail.

Embark on a journey of leisure and luxury with the Sea Stars Cruise in Ha Long. Elevate your experience with meticulously prepared entertainment, including a karaoke room and cozy lounge areas, offering a perfect blend of relaxation against breathtaking seascapes. Indulge in spa treatments or stay active in the well-equipped gym, providing moments of serenity and rejuvenation after days of exploration. Join us in uncovering the finer details that make the Sea Stars Cruise an exquisite escape for travelers seeking both opulence and adventure.

Other outstanding five-star amenities on the bay include:


A top-tier VIP Lounge and modern bar in Ha Long.


An outdoor swimming pool set in an ideal landscape for memorable moments


A mini-golf course for enthusiasts of this elite sport.


A spacious Sundeck area suitable for dream weddings, parties, and afternoon te sessions enjoying the sunset over the bay.


Importantly, the Sea Stars Cruise Ha Long is equipped with a modern elevator system, facilitating easier movement for the elderly, children, and those needing assistance.

Professional and Dedicated Service - Attention to Every Detail.

The cruise's luxurious architecture impresses at first sight, while its professional and dedicated services ensure a satisfying stay. All services on the Sea Stars Cruise Ha Long meet high international standards, ensuring a top-rated experience.

Our crew, always sporting enthusiastic and friendly smiles, is poised to cater to your every need. Choose from a 2-day-1-night or 3-day-2-night journey, seamlessly blending luxury services with the natural splendor of Ha Long Bay. Explore iconic bays, visit must-see islands and caves, and engage in activities like kayaking, beach swimming at Trinh Nu Beach, and enchanting sunset tea parties on the bay.


More than a seaside vacation, Sea Stars Cruise Ha Long is a lifestyle choice for nature and architectural enthusiasts. Immerse yourself in the beauty of this marvelous bay and make Sea Stars your gateway to a unique and unforgettable experience!

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