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Sea stars at the International travel expo ITE: Impressive numbers

The ITE (International Travel Expo) 2023 has made a spectacular return in Ho Chi Minh City, with the participation of Sea Stars along with 400 businesses around the world, creating a memorable event not only for the tourism industry in Vietnam but also for the entire Southeast Asian region. With a mission to boost tourism, Sea Stars delivered a unique and fascinating experience at ITE 2023.

Sea Stars stood out among hundreds of booths at the expo:

ITE is a major annual event, bringing together hundreds of representatives the global tourism industry. Given the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, 2023 marks a critical time for the tourism sector to recover and seek new opportunities. Therefore, Sea Stars' participation in this event conveyed a positive message for the revival of tourism in Vietnam and the region.


At booth number 280, amid myriad colorful booths various travel agencies, we created a remarkable and unique space where visitors could explore and experience the essence of the miraculous bay with a system of luxury yachts and 5-star hotels in Ha Long.


Exciting activities:

The Sea Stars booth garnered significant attention hundreds of representatives travel companies and visitors attending the event. This was not only due to its eye-catching design and decoration but also because of the innovative and diverse activities and experiences Sea Stars provided.


LUCKY SPIN Experience:

Sea Stars offered numerous attractive gifts for visitors stopping by their booth and participating in the LUCKY SPIN game. This activity provided a delightful and memorable experience for the guests.

Attractive tour packages:

An essential part of ITE 2023, Sea Stars introduced tour packages and special offers, including experiences with their luxury yachts and 5-star hotels. Sea Stars aims to boost tourism and offers visitors the chance to enjoy premium services their system at attractive prices.


Impressive numbers Sea Stars achieved at the International Travel Expo ITE:

  • Over 100 foreign customers: This number demonstrates the appeal and trust the international market has in Sea Stars. The presence of numerous foreign customers not only helps Sea Stars expand business relationships but also establishes its brand on the global tourism map.

  • 150 Travel agencies: With 150 accompanying travel agencies, Sea Stars boasts a robust and efficient distribution network, ensuring quality and diverse tourism services for customers.

  • 200 Businesses: Collaborating and partnering with 200 businesses enables Sea Stars to not only expand the market but also create unique and rich tourism products, catering to the increasing demands of customers.

  • Over 300 individual visitors: The interest and inquiries of over 300 individual guests at the expo attest to Sea Stars' allure among thousands of booths at ITE.

Sea Stars didn't merely attend ITE 2023 to advertise our  products and services. We are committed to contributing to the sustainable development of the tourism industry. We hope that through these efforts, Sea Stars can help create a sustainable and proud tourism sector for Vietnam in general and Ha Long in particular.


Sea Stars is immensely proud to participate in and contribute to the recovery and development of Vietnamese tourism. We believe that with the dedication and collaboration of all entities in the tourism sector, we can build a bright and sustainable future for our country's tourism. Let's look forward to a promising future with Sea Stars.

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